Rabbit Finance
Boardroom Reward Pools
There are RABBIT reward pool, CARROT reward pool, reinvestment reserve reward pool and Garden pool on the Boardroom up to now and more pools on the way to encourage RABBIT staking and veRABBIT holders, empowering RABBIT's application scenarios.

1. RABBIT reward pool

We will decrease allocation points of ibRABBIT in the STAKE section, and distribute this reward points to users who stake veRABBIT in the RABBIT reward pool of the Boardroom.
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2. BNB reward pool

In the next upgrade, we will activate the use of reinvestment rates. The plan is to convert reinvestment rates into mainstream assets such as BNB, CAKE, MDX, BTC, ETH, etc.as farming reward of staking veRABBIT.
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3. CARROT reward pool

CARROT is an elastic stablecoin incubated by Rabbit Finance. Itโ€™s based on an improved version of AMPL algorithm mechanism and pegged to BUSD 1:1. Investors can mint RABBIT into veRABBIT on Boardroom and stake in CARROT reward pool to get CARROT Inflation Rewards.20% of CARROT inflation rewards will be allocated to users who stake veRabbit in the CARROT reward pool on the Boardroom.
Note: In case of both inflation and deflation, you need to claim rewards in time, otherwise the rewards will be cleared.
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4. The Garden pool

Rabbit Finance launched the Garden on 10th July, which is an opportunity for cooperating partners to launch a pool on Rabbit Finance for their own token.
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