Global Parameters

RABBIT, the farming reward

Rabbit Finance Protocol is built based on the Tokenomy of RABBIT. The governance token RABBIT would be the reward in the whole ecosystem. There are 3 ways to obtain RABBIT reward,

As Liquidity Provider Provide liquidity for RABBIT/BUSD trading pair on MDEX, stake LP to farm RABBIT

As Lender Deposit BNB/BUSD/BTC/ETH/USDT/CAKE/MDX and variety of tokens to get RABBIT reward

As Borrower Farm in 30+ leveraged trading pairs LP pools on MDEX and PancakeSwap to get RABBIT reward

For pool allocation, please check the link below👇

Interest rate model

We employ a triple-slope interest rate model to determine the borrowing interest rate with detail below:

Interest = m * utilization + b

Utilization Range

Interest rate at min. range



0% - 80%

0 - 10%



80% - 90%




90% - 100%

10 - 60%



Deposit Reserve

Deposit user do not have any principle or trading fee cost, 20% of deposit interest is deducted as deposit reserve, stake the ibToken will be rewarded with RABBIT, 50% of deposit reserve will be used for RABBIT buy back and burn.

Auto Compound Reserve

Open and close leveraged position is free, no cost besides debt interest. Apart from RABBIT reward, 30% of MDX or CAKE farmed will be used as Auto Compound Reserve, this part has already been deducted from displayed APR. This Reserve will be used 100% for buy back and burn of RABBIT, provide liquidity for CARROT and 3rd party cooperation cost.

Liquidation Reserve

In order to ensure high-risk positions are liquidated on time and for asset safty reason, we use liquidation robot to excute liquidation. 5% of the positions liquidated will be paid to the platform as liquidation reward, this part of reserve will be used for buy back and burn of RABBIT.