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RS Info

Token Information

Token: Rabbit Share Coin
Token Symbol: RS
Contract: 0xc25b7244e192d531495c400c64ea914a77e730a2
Total Supply: Unlimited
Token Decimal: 9

About RS

Rabbit Share Coin (RS) is the governance token of the Rabbit Finance protocol and is the core of the RABBIT community governance. Members of the RABBIT community can obtain RS token by mint with RABBIT, RABBIT-LP and RS-LP.
Rabbit Share Coin (RS) is a DeFi 2.0 concept token with the concept of Protocol Controlled Value (PCV). It supports the Protocol Owed Liquidity (POL) mechanism, staking for interest and Bonding discount purchases.
The initial supply of RS tokens is 68,260 RS. In addition to participating in the protocol governance, RS tokens will also be used to purchase characters and equipment in the game.

Distribution Plan

The initial circulation of Rabbit Share Coin (RS) is 68,260 RS. As the value of the funds controlled by the protocol increases, the supply of RS tokens will be rebased and additional supply according to the protocol parameters. The distribution plan for the initial supply is as follows:
  • 40,000 RS community purchases with RABBIT
  • 10,000 RS to the initial liquidity pool
  • 10,000 RS shared by institutional investors and communities
  • 8,260 RS Development Fund