What is RABBIT token?

RABBIT token is a governance token of the Rabbit Finance. It will also capture the economic benefits of the protocol. There will be a maximum of 203,000,000 RABBIT token.

What is RABBIT token used for?

Protocol Governance
We will soon launch a governance vault that will allow community members to stake their RABBIT token. The RABBIT staker will receive xRABBIT where 1 xRABBIT = 1 vote, allowing them to decide on key governance decisionsIn the initial phase, governance decisions will be made on Snapshot.
Obtaining economic benefits such as interest rates and farming income
Lenders can obtain interest returns and RABBIT rewards through deposits, and miners can obtain up to 10 times of farming income and RABBIT rewards by opening leveraged positions.
Increase in the value of RABBIT brought about by continued repurchase and deflation
Rabbit Finance will continue to invest platform revenue for RABBIT repurchase and destruction, which will achieve a deflation of the supply of RABBIT and allow participants to share the benefits of platform growth.

RABBIT distribution

Yield Farming Pool

160,000,000 RABBIT, 78.817% of total supply.
Yield Farming Pool will be released over two years with a decaying emissions schedule, and will be evenly distributed to the entire ecosystem as a community reward. For more details, please click👇

Development Fund

20,000,000 RABBIT, 9.852% of total supply.
Development Fund will go towards funding development and expanding the team, and will be subject to the same as the token from the Yield Farming Pool Distribution.

Warchest Fund

12,000,000 RABBIT, 5.911% of total supply.
Warchest Fund is reserved for future strategic expenses. In the first month, 250,000 token were released for listing fees, auditing, third-party services, and liquidity of partners.

IRO Pool

10,500,000 RABBIT, 5.172% of total supply
Provided for institutional investors. Investors exchange BUSD for rRabbit and stake rRabbit to the IRO pool to obtain RABBIT. The IRO pool produces 35,000 RABBIT at a constant rate every day, and it is allocated according to the proportion of rRabbit stake in the IRO pool within 300 days (approximately 10 months).
35,000 RABBIT/day, lasts 300 days, distribute according to rRabbit pool share.
Hardcap: 10,500,000 RABBIT = 630,000 BUSD
Exchange ratio: 1 rRabbit = 1050 RABBIT = 63 BUSD
For more information about institutional investors, click the link below👇

Airdrop Pool

500,000 RABBIT, 0.246% of total supply
800 RABBIT/day, lasts 625 days. For more details, please click👇

Buy back and burn

Rabbit Finance Protocol is establishing a buy back fund, and use part of income continue to buy back and burn, to achieve continue deflation of RABBIT's circulating supply. This will enable participants not only to obtain farming revenue, but also to share revenue of the platform's growth.
For more information about buy back and burn,please click link in below👇

Circulating supply and calculation

Rabbit Finance Protocol is a fairlaunch project, maximum supply of RABBIT is 203,000,000. No circulating supply before launch. Token start released according to the plan mentioned above after launch.
For more information about circulation supply and how to calculate, please click link in below👇
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